Trekking, backpacking and hiking in Kyrgyzstan

Trekking is becoming more and more popular every year.  You will have a great mood from clean mountain air in Kyrgyzstan.

A good mental state achieved through the silence and beauty of nature. It is better than long hours of meditation in an artificial environment.

Trekking and Hiking are useful for people of all ages. Hiking is recommended for those who prefer to walk for a short time along the already paved paths and routes. For example:

– walk to the Ak-Sai waterfall in the Ala-Archa natural park

– Hiking and horseback riding in the Chon-Kemin Natural Park

Chon-Aksuu gorge or Grigorievskoe

Karakol gorge

Hiking in Kyrgyzstan ideally combined with cultural tours and jeep tours in the land of nomads, where you can stay, leave your car in a mountain hotel or guesthouse and go for a walk with a light picnic and a camera.

The most interesting and unforgettable trekking routes are in Kyrgyzstan for both amateurs and professionals. Professionals choose such tracks as mountain Lake Ala Kul, Ratsek’s hut is located on the moraines of the Ak-Sai gorge and Lenin Peak where the height difference reaches up to 1000 m and for amateurs directions like Kyzart, Son-Kol lake, Kel-Suu and others.

You can retire from the bustle of the city, especially in the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan where there is no communication and electricity.


Backpacking and camping in Kyrgyzstan is free. You can make camping almost wherever you want. The uniqueness of traveling in Kyrgyzstan is that there are no strict places for camping, many backpackers prefer to camp not far from the yurts of shepherds.

Getting lost in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan is almost impossible. If you follow the rivers flowing from the mountains, you will definitely come across a nomad camp or a small village. Moreover, mobile phones and applications with geolocation help tourists find their way.

Amazing people – Kyrgyz shepherds. They are very friendly and welcoming. The mountain silence and harmony of the nature of Kyrgyzstan influences so much to their behavior. Kyrgyz shepherds can invite a completely unfamiliar person to their yurt and treat them to a cup of tea or kumis (a fermented milk drink made from mare’s milk). Moreover, those who prefer their drinks during the trek, they can enjoy making aromatic coffee, which gives a special charm to the trip.