Touristic season for visiting festivals in Kyrgyzstan

Holidays and festivals in Kyrgyzstan express the special nomadic life, rich traditions and customs of the Kyrgyz people. Thanks to such events, we managed to save important dates and their value. And it is they who attract great attention not only from tourists from all over the world, but also from local residents.

Festivals in Kyrgyzstan are considered the best way to preserve and practice the national traditions and customs of the Kyrgyz.


The most popular festivals in Kyrgyzstan:

The festival with hunting and birds of prey is an exciting event. It was customary for local hunters to catch small birds to grow and train them, thereby preparing them for hunting. It is said that these birds were able to feed the small populations of the village. Therefore, they were considered indispensable assistants during the hunt. They were even considered family members, which proves their loyalty and devotion. People who train hunting birds in Kyrgyzstan treat them with respect. Nowadays, you can also meet such coaches, and they are shown special respect.

Felt Festival

One of the popular events. This festival reflects the wealth and nature of Kyrgyzstan, cultural and historical events.

Felt – sheep’s wool, which played an important role in the everyday life of the Kyrgyz people. The secrets of making were passed down from generation to generation. And each generation has its own method of making felt products. It is worth noting that for the first time it was used to cover the outer part of the yurt. It is also widely used in the manufacture of “shyrdak“, carpets and other souvenirs. They draw various “oymo” – patterns that reflect the flora and fauna, landscapes and historical events of Kyrgyzstan.

Equestrian Festival

Horses play an important role in the life of the Kyrgyz, as they led a nomadic lifestyle. For nomads, horses were their “wings”. They, like hunting birds, are members of the family and deserve the trust of their masters. Almost every man knows how to ride a horse, which has developed a huge number of different horse games. Also, these games provide riders with the opportunity to show their strength, riding skills, agility and quick reaction.

Horse games that have been passed down from generation to generation are still on display to this day. Such as the:

Kok boru is the most popular sports and equestrian game of the Kyrgyz. The essence of the game – the riders must fight for the carcass of a goat, and then, having taken possession of it, they must throw it into the “cauldron” – the gates of rivals.

Kyz kuumai – the rider must catch up with the girl on the horse, his goal is to kiss her. But the rider, resisting, must beat him with whip and not give him the opportunity to realize his goal.

Tyiyn Enmei – the goal of the rider is to pick up coins located on the ground, and most importantly, at a gallop.

Er enish – the game is played between two riders, who must in turn knock each other to the ground. The one who falls first is out of the game.

The way of nomad (Horseback riding tour)

Folklore Festival

Fans of folklore have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Kyrgyz folklore, folk instruments and the Kyrgyz epic. Singing and melodies are pleasing to the ear. Which bring joy. Kyrgyz folklore is represented not only by poetry and lyrical genre, but also by moralizing habits, fairy tales, proverbs and sayings, myths and legends. The creativity of akyns occupies a special role in the Kyrgyz folklore. Akyn is a folk singer who has a poetic and composer gift, improvises on a musical instrument – komuz.

Festival of National Cuisine

Kyrgyz cuisine is distinguished by its special national dishes. There are many types of meat in Kyrgyz cuisine: lamb, beef, horse meat, yak meat, etc.

The most delicacies of the Kyrgyz cuisine are different versions of horsemeat sausages. The most famous type – “chuchuk”, is distinguished by its taste and smoking. And of course, “besh barmak” made from horse meat is widespread. Also, the Kyrgyz have their own sour-milk drinks, such as “koumiss”, “airan”, etc.

The above shows how rich Kyrgyzstan is with its holidays and festivals, national games, folklore and traditional cuisine.

Thanks to tourism in Kyrgyzstan, hiking and horseback riding tours in Kyrgyzstan are developing well, giving you the opportunity to see everything with your own eyes.

You can be a witness of these events during your trip to Kyrgyzstan. The best time to come is from the end of the month May to September.