Self driving jeep tour in Kyrgyzstan

Self-driving tour of Kyrgyzstan is one of the most exciting activities.

When you are driving an SUV, it seems to you that all the roads and passes of Kyrgyzstan will obey you.

Each kilometer of the way will seem interesting due to the diverse and mesmerizing nature of Kyrgyzstan. The changing landscape from dry semi-desert to fresh alpine meadows with transparent rivers and waterfalls will make you stop every 30-40 km.

In small towns and villages, the local population is quite friendly towards tourists while driving and can help in difficult situations. This also applies to Kyrgyz police officers who will not just stop without a reason for violating traffic rules. Travelers with driving skills can test themselves and learn to drive in mountainous areas, as driving in the city and in the mountains is incomparable.

A reliable four-wheel drive vehicle is one of the main factors for a good travel in Kyrgyzstan. Considering the fact that not all roads in Kyrgyzstan are paved and there are sections with old Soviet asphalt, which is much worse than dirt roads. Many roads of the republican, regional scale are designed for ordinary cars where four-wheel drive is not required.

If a traveler has a condition to go to a mountain lake or climb a high pass in bad weather, then one cannot do without a powerful car. Thus, the program of the trip does not change and guests can safely continue to visit the sights of Kyrgyzstan.

Self-driving tours are suitable for people who wish to travel with their family or a couple unaccompanied, where they can adjust their stops and visits as needed.


One of the reasons for renting a car for a tour in Kyrgyzstan is the lack of accessible public transport vehicles such as metro, high-speed trains and mountain cable cars. On the one hand, this is a disadvantage and advantage, with a developed infrastructure, the meaning of ecotourism and untouched virgin nature is lost.