Kyrgyzstan – the island of democracy in Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan is the most democratic country in Central Asia. This is demonstrated not only by the processes taking place in the country, but also by international ratings, according to which the country occupies a confident leading position among its neighbors. During the travel in Kyrgyzstan and other countries of Central Asia, many tourists note and agree with this.

Kyrgyz people are a freedom-loving people, which is clearly reflected in the country’s political system. For 30 years of independence, the republic has demonstrated openness and readiness for democratic transformations, strives to create a state that respects human rights. It is the only country in the region where goverment has changed most often.

A republic that has experienced three revolutions has a strong civil society that is not afraid to express opinions that differ from those of its authority. The press also demonstrates freedom of speech, because journalists freely inform about all political processes taking place in the life of the state.

A visa-free regime to Kyrgyzstan for more than 70 states is an indicator of the country’s openness and hospitality. When planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan, tourists note that the visa-free regime simplifies and facilitates the process of preparing for travel.

The “Island of Democracy” will amaze you not only with its pristine nature, beautiful landscapes, traditions and culture, but also with its openness, love of freedom and hospitality.