Kyrgyzstan Motorbike Ride

Moto tour in Kyrgyzstan – July 2022

I want to tell you about my July motorcycle trip in Kyrgyzstan. This time I had a group of riders from Hungary with me. The basis of the group was the Honda CRF 250L, there were also BMW F 850GS, Suzuki DRZ 400 and Yamaha TTR 250

Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful mountainous country ideal for motorcycle trips. The tour started from the capital, Bishkek.

Our route ran through high mountains along picturesque routes: Bishkek – Kyzyl Oi – Son Kul LakeNarynEki-Naryn – Kochkor – Bishkek.

Most of the way is off-road with dirt roads and just grass under the wheels.

In the morning we left Bishkek and rode along dirt roads under the mountains until the beginning of the long ascent of Too Ashuu. Mountain serpentines rise to a height of 4000 meters, needless to say, what magnificent views in these places. This part of the route runs along an asphalt road. After passing through a high-altitude tunnel located at an altitude of 3050 meters, we descended into the Suusamyr valley. The views of the valley are simply mesmerizing.

After the descent, we rode off-road, rode along dirt roads and just through green meadows and the surrounding hillocks. Good weather and beautiful views pleased us that day, and in the evening we arrived at the small village of Kyzyl Oi.

The next day was amazing, we went to the high mountain lake Son Kul located at an altitude of 3000 meters. Our path ran along mountain dirt roads, and sometimes without them we just drove down slopes covered with short grass. We ride up through the Kara Keche pass.

Mountain ranges, multi-colored rocks, high-altitude plains with yurts of a few nomads, such views will not leave anyone indifferent. For the night we camped in a cozy yurt camp on the shore of the lake.
We spent dinner in a large yurt, delicious, fresh still hot Kyrgyz cakes bread (lepeshka) cooked right here on the original stove next to us, fried meat and traditional delicious tea with aromatic herbs, all this is very tasty, words can not convey)))

After breakfast we moved to the next most beautiful mountain pass Moldo Ashuu.

Its mountain peaks are covered with snow caps, coniferous forests frame the slopes, and small streams with clear water flow through the meadows. It is very interesting that landscapes and landscapes change all the time, each new day is better and more beautiful than the previous one. Various terrains, small fords and alpine meadows delighted us all that day. On one of the serpentines, the first breakdown occurred, we pierced the wheel Honda CRF with a piece of wire. An experienced mechanic who accompanied the group replaced the camera in 15 minutes. In the evening we arrived in the city of Naryn, a comfortable hotel was very handy, ideal for a good rest after an exciting and active day.

The next day we went to the Eki Naryn valley, in this place two powerful mountain rivers merge, our path ran along the impassability among pine forests and mountains.

On the final day, we returned to Bishkek, almost all the way was on good asphalt. On the way we drove to the Orto Tokoy reservoir, from where the Chu River originates. Through the Boom gorge, we drove to Tokmak where we had lunch and saw the ancient Bal Bali, stones with images and the ancient tower of Burana.

We returned to Bishkek through a beautiful mountain road running through the fields and villages of Issyk-Ata district.