Is Kyrgyzstan safe?

Kyrgyzstan, the heart of Central Asia, is becoming a fast-growing tourist destination. A country that has won many hearts for its incredible natural, hospitality and rich culture, a safe travel destination.

According to the US Department of State for 2020, Kyrgyzstan entered the list of the safest countries in the world to travel, retaining its tier 1 category.

Kyrgyzstan is a safe country for travel for both solo travelers and families with children.

Of course, petty crimes have a place to be. You need to be especially vigilant in bazaars or on public transport, because pickpocketing occurs in such crowded places.

If we talk about the situation in the border areas, namely with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, then local disputes sometimes arise, but they are resolved rather quickly and do not go beyond the region.

A few tips for a safe trip in Kyrgyzstan:

– when visiting local open markets, beware of thieves, because pickpocketing is not uncommon there;

– stay up to date with the latest news in the country;

– when going to places of large crowds of people, leave valuables at the hotel;

– when crossing the border, be sure to check in advance whether it is open, what is the situation there;

– to visit some places, usually remote or located on the border, a border permit is required, so inquire about such details in advance;

– before visiting the country, familiarize yourself with basic information about the country, its inhabitants, culture and holidays;

– while trekking and hiking in the mountains, you can face unpredictable weather, altitude sickness, because hiking in the mountains is never 100% safe, so prepare in advance for the hike;

– during horseback riding, try to take a groom as well, especially if you have no experience with them;

– water in Kyrgyzstan is considered clean, but at first it may take time for the body to adapt to tap water or water from streams. You can take a filter bottle with you.

By following simple rules and safety tips, you will have nothing to worry about and will have a great time collecting the best memories during your trip to Kyrgyzstan.