„Incoming and leaving“ Kel Suu Lake

When planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan, you should visit Lake Kel-Suu that leaves no one indifferent. It is a unique and remote place located in the Naryn region at an altitude of 3500 meters, close to the border with China.

Translated from the Kyrgyz language, “Kel-Suu” means “incoming water”, and there are good reasons for that. The lake is characterized by the fact that it can disappear and then fill up again. Therefore, it is important to consider: if during a trip through Kyrgyzstan you decide to visit Kel-Suu, the lake may not be found on your arrival at this magical place. The length of the lake is 9 kilometers, width is from 500 meters to 2 kilometers. Kel-Suu was formed as a result of a powerful earthquake and is surrounded by sheer cliffs that give it a fantastic look. You can hike or horseback riding to the lake.

Kel-Suu is really one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan, it could very well be love at first sight. The incredible beauty of the lake will justify its inaccessibility and will rank high among the most popular places on your trip around Kyrgyzstan.