Hospitality as the main symbol of Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz people have been famous since ancient times for their openness, kindness, respect and hospitality. When it comes to the question “What is the main attraction of Kyrgyzstan?” it is not a building, monument or a specific place that comes to mind, but the legendary Kyrgyz hospitality. After all, it is in the blood of the Kyrgyz. Do not be surprised if during a trip through Kyrgyzstan, especially in rural areas, local people invite you for tea and treat you with different delicacies.

The Kyrgyz have a proverb: “A guest is happiness at home,” so all the best that was in the house was dedicated to the guests. Even if they themselves had nothing to eat, the guest was never deprived and shared everything that was. When planning a tour to Kyrgyzstan, be prepared for the fact that almost absolutely everywhere you will be welcomed with open arms. Because to this day, this custom has been preserved and they carefully prepare for the meeting of guests, laying the best food on the table and give as a gift clothes, livestock, jewelry and much more.

During the trip in Kyrgyzstan tourists celebrate the generosity of the Kyrgyz. The respect that is shown by the guest, whether invited or not, is delightful. It is difficult to find good hotels, guest houses, infrastructure in remote regions, but on the other hand, you will meet good people there who will literally embrace every guest. Not knowing the language is not a problem, because people are ready to explain with their hands and feet, so it will not be difficult to understand each other. Whatever happens to you, they will not leave you alone, but will try in every possible way to help and provide support.

Therefore, when planning a vacation in Kyrgyzstan, be prepared to see not only incredible landscapes, untouched nature of the Kyrgyz land, but also open and kind people, who are the main definition of the beauty and greatness of Kyrgyzstan.