Family trip in Kyrgyzstan – the land of the Celestial Mountains

Kyrgyzstan, a country of lovers of unforgettable adventures and vivid impressions, will be an ideal destination for traveling with children. Incredible nature, clean air, rich culture, delicious cuisine will provide you with an ideal family vacation in Kyrgyzstan.

Traveling with children in Kyrgyzstan will become an unforgettable memory for a child thanks to the mass of activities that the country will open.

Hospitable people

The Kyrgyz people have been famous since ancient times for their openness, kindness, respect and hospitality. Do not be surprised if during your trip to Kyrgyzstan, especially in rural areas, local people invite you to their place for tea and treat you with different delicacies.

Nomadic culture

While traveling in Kyrgyzstan, you will see how nomads graze their livestock in jailoo, mountain pastures and live in yurts. And you will have a unique opportunity to sleep in a yurt and plunge into the culture of nomads, get to know their traditions and customs more closely.

Children will be able to see animals in their natural habitat: horses, cows, various birds. You can book a horse on the spot and arrange a horse ride with your family.

Rich history

A trip to Kyrgyzstan will be exciting for your children, because the history of the country is very rich. In many places you will find the heritage of the Great Silk Road in the form of such monuments as the Tash-Rabat caravanserai, the Burana tower, Mount Suleiman, the Uzgen architectural complex. Children can see for themselves the great legacies of history and arm themselves with new knowledge.

Delicious and varied cuisine

Food while traveling is one of the main items for those traveling with children. The question “What will my children eat during the trip?” causes concern in some parents. Kyrgyz cuisine is as diverse as the country itself, where everyone can find a dish to their taste, so parents have nothing to worry about. Most of the country’s products are organic, which is great as well. Children will like meat, flour dishes, dairy products, a huge variety of vegetables and fruits.


Pristine nature

One of the main reasons for visiting Kyrgyzstan is, of course, nature. High mountains, clean air, incredible landscapes that change with each new place – make Kyrgyzstan an ideal place for a trip with children.

During a trip in Kyrgyzstan, you will be pleasantly surprised by the crystal clear and warm water of Lake Issyk-Kul, its sandy beaches, cultural sites and a wide variety of entertainment: there are many easy and family-friendly hiking and horseback riding tours.