Best time to visit Kyrgyzstan

The climate in Kyrgyzstan is continental, summer is hot and winter is cold. You can travel to Kyrgyzstan all year round, so the best time to visit Kyrgyzstan depends on what you intend to do. Usually from April to October the weather in Kyrgyzstan is the most optimal. Briefly go through the seasons:

  • Spring and autumn in Kyrgyzstan, the months of May, June and from September to October are best suited for cultural tours (link to the tour). At this time, the temperature in Kyrgyzstan ranges from +25 to +32 degrees, not too hot and cold. In the spring you can see the incredible beauty of the landscape in the country, while in the fall you can see an abundance of vegetables and fruits in the markets.

  • Summer in Kyrgyzstan is hot, the temperature reaches +45 degrees. The months of July and August are ideal for trekking tours in the Tien Shan mountains, horseback tours, and hiking in the mountains. Trekking in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan at a pleasant temperature of 20 to 25 degrees is a dream for outdoor lovers. It is also worth considering that the weather in the mountainous area is changeable; in Son Kul, for example, even at the height of summer, you can see all four seasons in one day. Also, a favorite vacation spot in summer is Issyk-Kul Lake with its beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and comfortable hotels.

  • Winter in Kyrgyzstan is cold, the temperature can drop to -20 degrees. Despite the fact that the country is mainly visited in summer, the Kyrgyz winter is magical and a great time to visit. Locals are looking forward to winter, because there are so many activities to do for the cold season, for example, a ski vacation in Kyrgyzstan would be an ideal option for those who like skiing, snowboarding or freeriding. Usually, the ski season lasts from December to March. An abundance of snow, fresh mountain air, a large number of ski resorts, swimming in hot springs, mesmerizing snowy mountains will create an atmosphere of a winter fairy tale.