A Guide to Hiking in Kyrgyzstan’s Asian Patagonia

If you are interested in the trekking and hiking tour in Kyrgyzstan, you should be ready to experience the famous trekking tour to the Turkestan Mountains called Asian Patagonia.
The best season to have genuine adventure in Kyrgyzstan’s mountains is from July to September with a duration of 13 days and 9 trek days.

Overnight accommodation during the trek days will be in open air tents. The tour starts from the city of Osh, the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan. Next day drive to Uzgurush village, which will be the starting point of the trek. In the morning we will start our 9 day trek. We will pass through fruit and walnut, pistachio orchards of local people. We ascend to Buljuma pass (2894m) on the top of which we have a beautiful view. 

Uzgurush village | Travel Land


The next day of the trek is full of wonderful experiences. Today you will see the stunning mountain passes of south of Kyrgyzstan. At the top of Jalgychy pass (3774m), there is a panoramic view of Turkestan mountains, looking at this beautiful view you witness unnatural beauty. Here you can see local shepherds grazing their cows and sheep.

Jalgychy pass | Travel Land

Welcome to a new day on this trek. We have two passes to cross. To the first pass Koshmoinok we go on a winding trail that passes through a juniper forest. To the second pass Kara-Suu we will go up on a steeper trail. On the way you will enjoy the view and air of snow-covered rocky peaks of Turkestan mountains. 


Pyramidal peak | Travel Land

The next day we will hike to the foot of Pyramidal Peak (5509 m), the highest peak of the Turkestan Range. With each step you will be faced with a mesmerizing view. The name of the peak came from the similarity in shape of Egyptian pyramids. 

Orto Chashma valley | Travel Land

Return to camp and a pleasant rest in the lush Orto Chashma valley with towering peaks at the far southern end of the valley. 

Ak-Tyubek | Travel Land

The way to the foot of Ak-Tyubek pass awaits us the next day. The paths go gently through the juniper forest to the shepherd’s house. We head to the foot of the pass, where we set up camp.

The next day we will cross the highest Ak-Tyubek pass (4390m) and descend into the Ak-Suu valley. Upon reaching Ak-Tyubek Pass, we will be rewarded with stunning views of lush valleys, rocky and glacial peaks all around.  

Ak Suu Peak | Travel Land

The culmination of the tour is coming. We climb to the foot of Ak Suu Peak (5355 m). 

We will have hiking along the mountainous rivers and the high peak glaciers. After which we will find ourselves in the heart of the Pamir Mountains – the Alai Mountains with the pyramid-shaped and snow-covered Ak Suu Peak.

Ak Mechet | Travel Land

The last day of our trek takes us along the Ak-Mechet river with a mesmerizing gorge to the village of Uzgurush. Arrival in the village and rest in a traditional house. The route of the next day will be from Uzgorush village to Osh city. We will pass through the city of Batken, the most remote city of Kyrgyzstan. This is the final route of this amazing journey.